About Us

“The five most efficient cyber defenders are: Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction and Resilience. Do remember: “Cybersecurity is much more than an IT topic.”
― Stephane Nappo

The field of Cyber Security is highly sophisticated in terms of the many layers and branches it spans into and needless to say, it is very much ever-evolving in nature. Today, we have reached the stage where we have not only understood the significance of Cyber Security & its allied aspects but also understand the necessity to be kept constantly aware and updated on the latest news & events.

“Cyber This Week” endeavors at being the one stop weekly digest to all that’s happening in the field of Cyber Security. It also serves as a repository of all the latest information on varied aspects of Cyber Security. Therefore, the objective of this website is to enable continued awareness, learning and be utilized as a referencer

About Aravind Manickam

Aravind is a seasoned professional with close to 15+ yrs of combined work experience in the fields of Institutional Equity Research, Institutional Equity Sales and Insurance. His foray into the field of Insurance piqued his interest in Cyber Security, Cyber Insurance and Liability Insurance. Aravind continues to build his expertise in these fields, thus leading to the commencement of this passion project, Cyber This Week.

Aravind resides in Mumbai, India and is reachable on Linkedin